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Damn They Selling Off Michael Vick's Baby Items?


Are you kidding me? Seriously how far can one man fall? Still can't believe you can get two years for dog fighting and Patriots lineman Nick Kazur was caught with 202 OxyContin pills and get a slap on the wrist but I digress. It is hard to feel bad for the "Dog Whisperer", but if he doesn't come out of prison a change man there will be no hope for him. Here are the details of the auction.

Courtesy of AJC.com

Items related to Vick's child sold to pay his bills

The contents of a storage unit belonging to Michael Vick, which included baby items, were sold after the imprisoned Falcons quarterback failed to pay his bill, according to a Virginia television station.

WTKR Channel 3 reported Tuesday that employees at the Iron Bound Mini Storage in Williamsburg informed Edward Howard that he had bid on a unit rented to Vick.

Inside boxes, Howard found pictures of Vick and his son. He also found a football signed by Vick to the child. Howard told the station that other boxes were packed with baby clothes, baby furniture and other items that he believes are memories of Vick's first-born boy.

Vick has three children, a son and two younger daughters.

Howard said he hopes to meet Vick when he gets out of prison, where he is serving a 23-month prison term on federal charges related to dog fighting.

"I'd say 'Hey man here's your football back that you signed for your boy.' Seeing that it was their first boy you know that's probably got a lot of sentimental value to it I'm sure," Howard told the station.

A storage facility employee told the station that the unit was rented by a Michael Vick and that it was put on auction because the bill hadn't been paid in the very long time.


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