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Many many many moons ago when I wasn't quite Bonafide and BlackSportsOnline wasn't very infamous I wrote an article about Dwanye Wade & Shaquille O'Neal title:

"D Wade The Real Superman"

Most writers will tell you they have signature articles similar to have musicians have signature singles. For me the list is short and only includes 4 articles that help put me on the map.

"Darth Kobe": The Michael Jackson Thriller of BSO

"Confessions of a Groupie Part 1, 2 & 3": The Jay Z Hard Knock Life of BSO

"Open Letter to Tim Duncan" The Nelly Country Grammar of BSO (and the 1st article ever published).

Those 3 are the most recognized, but "D Wade The Real Superman" always held a special place in my heart even if it isn't what you immediately think of when you think of BSO. I consider it my "Off The Wall" article. Most people remember "Thriller" & "Bad" but "Off The Wall" may have been better than both of them.


Once again I urged you not to be fooled by Roger Clemens lying spree. His former trainer Brian McNamee who obviously been holding on to this last piece of evidence against Clemens brought out syringes among other things that he claims has Clemens's blood on it as well as traces of steroids and HGH. Clemens's lawyer is comparing the case to the Duke Lacrosse fiasco which should convince you even more that Clemens is lying because the comparison is ludicrous. First you should never compare a rape charge to some pompous arrogant baseball player shooting himself in the ass with HGH but more importantly there was very little evidence again the Duke Lacrosse players whereas there is overwhelming evidence against Clemens. I will leave you with this thought every other player that McNamee has fingered has confessed, so why would you assume if he is telling the truth about all other players that he is lying about the player he cared about the most? Think about it.


People really need to chill out. You might have heard about a video that was floating around of Pedro Martinez being involved in a cockfight in the Dominican Republic. Pedro was there as a guest of the legendary Juan Marichal. First off the video is from 2 years ago, secondly cockfighting is legal in the Dominican Republic and lastly who the hell cares what Pedro is doing in his free time in the Dominican Republic. Did I mention that cockfight it shown as on TV there as much as Brittney Spears crotch shots in the U.S.? A guy is plotting to shoot up the Super Bowl and we are more concerned about what Pedro did with a bunch of birds 2 years ago? I forgot this is a society were dog fighting gets your 2 years and running over someone with your car while drunk gets you probation.


What's up people? I know you're still recovering from that Big Game (I won't use the official title because I don't the NFL Nazis to come flying over my house in their black helicopter to serve me a cease-and-desist order, but there's still some NBA news to take a look at. Mainly All-Star stuff, and a HUGE trade (but apparently not the last one). Let's hit it!!


Not much wiggle room when you are talking about Bobby Knight. Normally it is a strong love or a very strong hate. There are things that I really respect about Knight mostly the fact that he graduates his kids and never break NCAA rules, but in my opinion that gets overshadowed by the fact that he makes Bill Bilichick look like Tony Dungy when it comes to being an ass. Many people point out that some college coaches in football and basketball are considered like "Gods" on their respective campuses, but Knight epitomized that and far too many times thought his "God" like status meant he could treat players, staff, fans and just people in general like crap and before anything else that is what I will remember about Bob Knight.


Roger Clemens continued his lying spree by making his deposition for Congress. I seriously can't wait to the day that some concrete evidence shows up (trust me it is coming) and he is forced to tell the truth a la Marion Jones. I honestly hope that Congress is trying to catch him in a lie. I won't be able to contain my excitement when this happens.


Well the New York "Football" Giants did it. The Goliath, that being the New England Patriots, were toppled by the David (the G-Men). Last week I was looking for history to be made...and it was, just not what I expected. To review, the Manning boys had the chance to be the first brothers to go back to back in Super Bowl wins, and they've done that, (with Peyton looking down from on the luxury box). They are also the first brothers to each win a SB after their father (Archie) ended his career without ever going to the playoffs. Now they are also the first brother duo to be named back to back MVP's. Hey I never said this would be the type of sexy history that a perfect 19-0 season would have been. But it is still history that was made. Kind of makes you wonder what Momma Manning has been feeding those boys down in N'awlins, LA. There must be a special gumbo recipe she has, or maybe she's been over to Algiers, LA, (some of you from Louisiana know what I'm talking about).

Now remember how everybody talked about Brady's vast core of WR's, but the WR crew that really came up big was the Giants. All of them came up big at some point, but the biggest playmaker was David Tyree. If it wasn't for "the catch", we would be saying 19-0 is the best ever. Of course Plax is the one that sealed it with the TD catch. Speaking of Plax, he may become a good prediction man. He said last week that the Giants would win 21-17, and Brady scoffed, laughed at, and discounted the notion. Turns out Plax was almost right, (he estimated a little too high).

Finally, I want to talk about the end of the game, and gives some unexpected props to one man. The game still had 1 second left, and they had to make it official by running one more play. We all saw the teams coming together before the game ended, and we saw most of the Patriots go to the locker room, including head coach Mr. Phelps, I mean Bill Belicheck. But the one guy I give props to for staying out there until the end is Randy Moss. I don't know if most people caught the camera cut away to him getting ready to walk off, then turn and wait for the last play to end, but I caught it. You remember how he got criticized for walking off with 2 seconds left in a certain defeat when he was with the Vikes. Well this time he was the utmost professional, sticking it out in a certain win in the biggest let down of a team in history, even though the coach left. Some people are already giving Billy Bear a pass, but I say he should have been standing right next to Moss until the end. He should also get the same criticism Moss has in the past.. People always want to bring up Moss' past when they want to talk bad about him. Well let's give him a cyber pound for being a pro in staying until the end. Hats off to you Randy.


How could you have not seen the play by now?


The Lakers get Pau Gasol for what amounts to pennies on the dollar and the team that Kobe wanted to get traded from all of a sudden looks like it might be a contender in the West. Once Andrew Bynum comes back from injury they have a lineup and depth that should allow them to compete with any team in the West. Kobe Bryant is still the best player in the game and all Darth has complained about over the years in not having a squad that can compete. He has that now, no more excuses.

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